On the basis of fundamental investigation results carried out in the Institute scientific instruments have been developed and prepared which are applied in science, technique and different branches of national economy: in solid state physics, nuclear physics, acoustics, hydro-acoustics, seismology, thermo-physics, medicine etc..

Base “optic” elements (lenses, mirrors, modulators etc.) of X-ray radiation range.

Acousto-plasma lamps.

Hydrophone and detection system of low frequency oscillations based on the Mossbauer effect.

X-ray communication devices.

Elements of thermal neutron “optics”.

A device for non-acid purification of precious and semi-precious gems and crystals after processing.

Humidity sensors on the basis of liquid crystals.

The instruments developed in the Institute were shown on numerous International, former Soviet Union Republic exhibitions, and awarded with gold, silver and bronze medals and diplomas.

Some of the instruments and proposed methods of investigation have been patented with USSR inventors’ patents and were awarded with diplomas and certificates of Soviet Union government, Party leadership and Academy of Sciences.