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Collaborative International Laboratories


These network laboratories were opened as a result of long-term joint research with various foreign organizations: the Armenian-Russian International Laboratory “X-ray Optics” – in 2011, and the others in 2012 on the basis of the agreements signed between the RA NAS IAPP and TSU, and respectively of the RA NAS IAPP and the RF “Kurchatov Institute”, RF BSU, and Italy’s XLAB, with the aim of carrying out joint research in the fields of condensed medium physics, acoustics, acoustophysics, material science and cold plasma. In particular, to study the interaction of X-rays and elementary particles in the presence and absence of external influences in the condensed environment and the study of the phenomena that appear as a result of this interaction. Develop new methods for the study of beams obtained in modern electron, positron, ion and other accelerators. Develop and create for the specified beams acousto-optical parts, basic elements, recorders with coordinate and spectral resolution of elementary particles, new composite materials, etc.