25 Hr. Nersisyan Str, Yerevan 0014, Republic of Armenia
(+374 10) 241 – 110

Innovation Department


The main goal of the department is to contribute to the development of innovative solutions of IAPP in the field of basic and applied research; to support the objectification of the results of the intellectual activity of scientific laboratories, departments, individual research groups, researchers and young employees (through technology transfer, commercialization and other possible methods); to support the registration of intellectual properties, copyrights and marketing and development of innovative research projects. Provide organizational, methodological and consulting support in the development of innovative projects: evaluate and monitor IAPP innovative projects, support the development of projects for participation in innovative grants and competitions. Within the limits of IAPP activities, create and develop modern forms of innovative infrastructures (homogeneous, two-layer, three-layer, network) and alternative units. Develop sample forms of documents regulating the field of innovations of the institute. Create a record and a database of innovative scientific results, developments and projects. With the above mentioned, and not only, the usefulness and development of the institute and the innovative department of the institute should be ensured.