Phenomenon of gamma-radiofrequency double-resonance in the first excited states of nuclei

None phonon and multi phonon processes

Effects of oscillation of the intensity of gamma-resonance lines, nulling their intensities by means acoustic fields

X-rays full pumping from the direction of propagation into the diffraction direction with spectral distribution conservation under the influence of acoustic oscillations or temperature gradient

Effects of gamma resonance line broadening and splitting under the influence of low frequency acoustic waves and temperature gradient.

Oscillogram of a nuclear explosion signal detected in Lake Sevan(September 4, Semipalatinsk)

Detecting of super infra-sound acoustic waves excited by artificial and natural sources.

Effects of focusing and defocusing of diffracted X-rays under the external influences.

Effect of multiple amplification of the integral intensity of radiation of channeled electrons in piezocrystals by acoustic fields.

In the presence of acoustic fields of quasi-covian radiation intensity,the phenpmenon of amplification

Phenomena and Coherent braking radiation dispersion shift change hyper frequency in the presence of acoustic fields

The absorption of electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength of the order of Angstrom zeroing of the coefficient in the presence of acoustic fields.Nano-acoustic pipes

Corpuscular and wave theory of X-rays diffraction under full pumping.

The reflex of one “gramma” and pattern of whole grammas set of X-ray parametrical radiation for quartz single crystal () plane set at the presence of ultrasound

In the case of Quasicherenkov irradiation the discovery of the new “Gramma” and their applications in the field of studying structures and substances.

Transition in the presence of electromagnetic fields in amorphous materials discovery and use of radiation as monochrome and intense radiation source.

Ultra-realistic electrons and positrons parallel to the surface of a solid the phenomenon of the Ocuurence of X-rays during the movement of acoustic movement in the presence of

Dynamics of the shift change at the birth of pairs (e,e+) under the condition of presence of acoustic pairs

Using acoustic waves the law-temperature plasma nature of control knobs and the phenomenon of excitation and amplification of low prequences acoustic waves in plasma,phase transitions

A number of new physicochemical properties of lyotropic liquid crystal discovery

We have recieved the oportunity to create: adjustable materials. Profile single cristals with multilayer nanostructers based on inorganic salts.

Semiconductor porous materials have been obtaines that can be used as batteries for hydrogen.