V. A. Ambartsumyan, G. M. Gharibyan

aAs a rule, several years pass from theoretical or experimental discovery of a phenomenon to its application and it is believed that the pause between the observation of basic science effect and its application is indispensable.

aBut what happens today when the scientists consider as an important goal of immediate applying of the fundamental studying in life. In this case the pause converges to zero.

aAn evident example of science is acoustophysics, a new field of physics which investigates different physical effects at the presence of acoustic fields as well as the acoustical physics (infra-sound, ultrasound, hypersound).

aThe special devices developed at the Institute of Applied Problems of Physics based on the results of research studies at IAPP are applied for studying of important and unique effects, which cannot be always investigated by existing convenient methods.

V. A. Ambartsumyan

aI am very pleased to welcome the success of the collective of Applied Physics Problems’ Department of our Academy, particularly, the success of this department leader Alpik Mkrtchyan concerning to the study of the problem dealing with the transmission of various oscillation, various information and sound by means of gamma-radiation.

aI have to say that it is a great success because nobody in the world has made an essential step in this direction, and it is delightful it occurs here.

aNow it is very important to put it on a broad basis both from theoretical point of view and practical point of view. I would like to wish success in this regard. Particularly I am pleased that the first words has been pronounced were Armenian words and I have had an opportunity to say some of those word today.

President of the Science Academy of USSR, A. Alexandrov

aI am well pleased to have an opportunity to visit the Institute of Applied Problems of Physics. The research staff of the institute is on the right way for searching new effects and finding their applications.

Nobel laureate, Academician A. Prokhorov

aI have got acquainted with the investigations of the Institute of Applied Problems of Physics with great pleasure. I was dazzled by the great interest in development of Mossbauer spectroscopy and X-ray modulation spectroscopy. These investigations open new perspectives in both fundamental investigations and solutions of important applied problems. I wish further success, happiness and health to this research staff.

Nobel laureate, R. Mossbauer

aAfter discovery of gamma-quanta resonance absorption by nuclei, it was very important for me to solve the inverse problem of that phenomenon, which has been solved by Yerevan scientists’ group.

Academician V. Goldansky

aIt is my pleasure to mention the wonderful achievements in Mossbauer spectroscopy field. Moscow laboratories have already been seeking contacts for solving some experimental problems that haven’t been possible to solve yet without their Yerevan colleagues. In future our Yerevan colleagues’ and friends’ successes as well as our human and scientist relations will undoubtedly strengthen and broaden. My friends and colleagues, I wish you great success and I am wholeheartedly grateful for your hospitality.

Academician Y. M. Kagan

aI am very delighted to visit this laboratory and being acquainted with very interesting results recently obtained in a very difficult field related to the investigation of hyper-sound influence on a Mossbauer spectrum.

Professor S. Vonsovsky

aI fully support Academician A. M. Prokorov’s opinion and hope that close creative bonds will be established between the Department of Applied Problems of Physics and various scientific centers and institutes of the Academy of Sciences of USSR. I wholeheartedly wish new great creative achievements to the research staff.

Academician A. Petrossyants

aInitially we listened to A. Mkrtchyan’s report at Science Council of Atomic Energy and Technologies of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia. After vibrant discussion of the report, I decided to visit the Institute and I am pleased that the visit was productive. The research staff of the Institute is on the right path to new phenomena discovery and their application development. I wholeheartedly wish success in scientific research to the young, literally young, research staff.

Academican E. Y. Velikhov

aAseries of principal results is obtained in the fields of Mossbauer effect application…, acoustophysics: and the considerable part of work have been brought to really working devices.

Professor E. Ya. Kogan

aThe pioneer work in experimental analysis of acousto-plasmatic interactions not only opened new class of effects, but also a possibility to control the parameters of plasma by means of acoustic…

Academican S. T. Belyaev, Professor P. A. Alexandrov


It is necessary to mention particularly the obtaining of directed intensive monochromatic beams of soft and hard gamma radiation with controlable parameters in space and time.

Academician Yu. V. Goulyaev

aA special place occupies the problem of X-ray and hard gamma radiation amplification while electrons and positrons interaction with crystals at the presence of SHF acoustic fields and controlling them in space and time. The results of fundamental investigation laid as basis for creating a whole series of devices.

aIt is a matter of special interest the fundamental investigation results obtained in the field of acoustoplasma.

Academician of NAS of RB N. S. Kazak

aAcoustic waves propagation in gas discharging plasma is an interesting and perspective field of scientific investigation…

Professor V. Voytovetsky

aThe scientific program of the Third Soviet-West-Germany seminar in Mossbauer Effect, held in Yerevan, was very full and interesting. A special gratitude deserves the big interest, care and genuine wide hospitality of our Armenian friends. We have got acquainted with a very interesting, poetic republic, with her history, art, architecture, music. We would greatly like that the scientific and friendship links strengthen and develop further.

Professor U. Gonzer

aWhile our visit in Yerevan we were excited with a wonderful scientific program and the possibility to discuss the problems of mutual interest and change with ideas. We were amazed with culture and historic monuments, museums, libraries, music, great hospitality in this part of the world. We are very grateful for wonderful days that we will not forget.